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Once you refer clients to our website every unique client that purchases domains and web hosting plans on our website earns you $5.00 - no exceptions!
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What requirements are needed to participate in your program? You only need a valid e-mail address and a valid Bitcoin address.

My Bitcoin address changed, what should I do? Remove your referral code from your website(s) and sign up again to receive a new referral code.

Is it possible to have several referal codes assigned to one e-mail address? Yes, that is possible. Simply sign up several times on this website with the same e-mail. You will receive a unique referal code every time you sign up.

What is the minimum pay out amount? The minimum pay out amount is the bitcoin equivalant of 20.00 US-Dollar you have earned and will be credited to your Bitcoin wallet once per month. This minimum amount was introduced to avoid high fees / rewards ratios.